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Helicopter Flight Training Program

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Required Courses

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Flight Lab Fees Effective Fall 2019

Private Pilot Certification Lab
all instruction given in Warrior/V1)

32 flight hours dual instruction
17 hours solo
32 hours Pre/Post Brief


Instrument Rating Lab
(all instruction given in Warrior/V1/Archer)

51 hours dual instruction
27 hours ground instruction


Commercial I (Stage IV) Lab
(all instruction given in Warrior/V1)

45.5 hours solo
15.5 hours dual instruction
2.5 ground instruction


Commercial II (Stage V) Lab 
includes UPRT Training

(instruction given Warrior/V1 and Arrow)

16 hours dual instruction-Arrow
12 hours dual instruction – Warrior/V1
12 hours solo – Warrior/V1
10 hours ground instruction


Commercial III (Stage VI)
(36.5 hours Warrior/V1, 7 hours Arrow)

7 hours dual instruction – Arrow
18 hours dual instruction – Warrior/V1
18.5 hours solo – Warrior/V1
3 hours ground instruction


Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Lab
(17 hours Arrow, 13 hours Warrior/V1)

14.5 hours dual instruction – Arrow
2.5 solo – Arrow
13 hours dual instruction – Warrior/V1
17 hours ground instruction


Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFI-I) Lab
(all instruction given in Warrior/V1)

20.5 hours dual instruction
15.5 hours ground instruction


Multiengine Rating Lab
(all instruction given in Seneca/Seminole)

17.5 hours dual instruction
11 hours ground instruction


Please Note: If a student is unable to master the required flight skills within the scheduled hours then the student will be charged for additional flight time at the hourly rate shown below.

Airplane and Instruction Hourly Rates
Warrior/V1 – $150.00
Arrow – $160.00
Seneca/Seminole – $260.00
Flight and Ground Instruction - $30.00

Multiengine Instructor Rating (MEI)
(all instruction given in Seneca/Seminole)

20 hours dual instruction
12.5 hours ground instruction

***MEI Rating is NOT required for graduation***