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Financial Economics Concentration

Economists are interested in understanding how people make choices given that no individual has an infinite amount of time or money.  The ultimate goal is to improve the lives of people everywhere by understanding how we can use resources as effectively as possible.

The emphasis on understanding human behavior in the face of scarcity, as well as the quantitative methodology used by economists, makes this an ideal undergraduate major for those interested in:

  • Careers in business, law, public policy, finance, or academia.
  • Quantitative reasoning with applications to a host of contemporary issues.
  • Graduate school in the social sciences or humanities.

Financial Economics Concentration Highlights

At Delaware State University, students in economics can participate in:

  • University Center for Economic Development and International Trade (UNCEDIT) research and internships.
  • Economics Development and Leadership Institute.
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon - The International Economics Honor Society.
  • Economics Club field trips and more.


Economics – Your ticket to understanding and solving real-world problems