About CSIM


The Center for the Study of Innovation Management, CSIM is a research unit within the College of Business focused on bringing the advances of theories, methods, and applications in the area of innovation management to the academic and curriculum endeavors and the regional industrial, commercial, and organizational communities to promote development, growth, and firms’ competitiveness at the state, national and international levels. CSIM has a particular interest in contributing to the understanding of innovation at the global level as it extends and welcomes collaborations with researchers and scholars worldwide.

Organization Structure

The strategic growth and management of the center will be supported by the following structure and staffing:

  • Director of the Center for the Study of Innovation Management - Responsible for the strategic development and research programs carried out in the center.
  • Administrative Assistant of the Center for the Study of Innovation Management - Responsible for the operation and management of day to day activities and personnel, fiscal accountability, managing of communications and marketing, support of programs and scholarly projects, collaboration with external entities, and compliance with procedures and norms as requested by the College of Business, University, and funding entities.
  • Faculty Research Associates - Faculty from the Department of Business Administration and other colleges at Delaware State University interested in carry out research programs and projects. Other faculty members from educational and research institutions at the national and international level will qualify under this association.
  • Industry Associates - Professionals and practitioners from organizations, firms, businesses, and corporate research centers from the State of Delaware interested in being members of research teams and task forces.
  • Research Assistants - Students that have demonstrated serious and intrinsic motivation to carry out research projects. Only students that have demonstrated a higher level of maturity, excellence, and professionalism will be invited to be associated with the center.

Overlap and Endorsements

There is no overlap with research activities of existing academic or research centers at Delaware State University. However, potential synergies are possible through strategic partnerships with research units in different colleges and centers and/or institutes at DSU.


The Center for the Study of Innovation Management is housed in the College of Business facilities. The Director and associate researchers to the center will operate from their individual faculty and staff offices.