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Chandrakant P. Ganatra, MBA, MSc

Chandrakant P. GanatraProfessor
Room 311G, Bank of America Building
cganatra [at] desu.edu



MBA General Management/ Marketing Minor, May, 2009 
Delaware State University, Dover DE 19901.
Major: General Management
Minors: Marketing. 
Dissertation:  Most effective way of qualifying a market segments for your Product/service using basic secondary research from Market place                                  

Professional Engineer. State of New Jersey 1985

MASTER OF SCIENCE (Chemical Engr.), 1978
Syracuse University, Syracuse NY.
Dissertation: Deposition of saline droplets in first bifurcation of lung using practical model and confirming with theoretical model, for use in aerosol therapy as well as understanding impact of pollution on our body.
Emphasis: Environmental engineering. 

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India
Dissertation: Innovative methods to manufacture Lithium based Greases
Major: Chemical Engr.  Minor:  Environmental Engr.                          

Research Interests/Area

  • International Business
  • Strategic Management
  • International Management
  • Entrepreneurship,

Professional / Voluntary Memberships

  • Marketing Institute, Singapore
  • SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) DELAWARE
  • American Management Association
  • SAP University Alliance Group
  • Design Thinking Group
  • CEO Club of India
  • HR Global Leaders Network
  • B2B technology Marketing community
  • International Business community


Presented extensively at Diverse International Conferences, including AiChE, Phosphate Round Tables, Manufacturers’ week, International Printed Circuit (IPC), IMAP, Air and Waste Management conferences, Environmental Conferences, and Cement Industry conferences around the world. (Copy is available up on request)

Over 30 articles published / presented in International journals / International symposia. Partial list attached here.


  1. “How to make your plant flange joints leak proof: A Fundamental Approach”  Presented at Clearwater Convention 2008, (AICHE Central Florida Chapter), Tampa, FL, June 2008
  2. “Gore products are helping acid industry worldwide” Presented at Phosphate Maintenance Roundtable 2008 Conference, Lakeland , FL,  March 2008
  3. “Gore™ Universal Pipe gasket and its progress within CPI “ Presented at Clearwater Convention, AICHE- CF Chapter, Tampa, FL,  June 2006
  4. “Gasket Standardization” presented at DuPont ME and I Conference, Houston TX, May 2005
  5. “Gasket  and new idea” Presented at National Manufacturing Week Conference  at Chicago, IL March 2005
  6. “Gasket Standardization: closer than you think” presented at Phosphate Maintenance Round Table Conference, Lakeland FL, March 2004
  7. “An idea whose time has come: Gasket Standardization” Presented at Clearwater 2004 (AICHE) Annual Convention of Phosphate Fertilizer and Sulfuric Acid Technology, Clearwater, FL, June 2004
  8. “New Materials for dry film chip attach adhesives used in packages “ Presented at IMAP Conference, Boston MA, November 2003
  9. “New high reliability IC bonding film and its development” presented at UGIM (University/ Government/ Industry Microelectronics symposium) Conference, Boise ID, June 2003
  10. “New Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) Film meets Tougher Flex circuit challenges”  Presented at IPC EXPO Technical Conference, Long beach, CA, March 2003
  11. “Newer Concepts in Chip packages with use of Silicone free die attach and LCP based Flex Substrates” presented at IPC international Symposium on Flex circuits and chip scale packaging, Tempe AR, February 2003
  12. “Material Properties of LCP film and its Board Applications in IT-related Devices” presented at IPC Annual Meeting“ New Orleans, LA,  November, 2002
  13. “LCP High Temperature Film for Electronics Applications” Presented at LCP Conference in Huntsville AL, October 2002
  14. “BIAC LCP – A unique material to meet today’s stringent OPTO requirements” presented at IMAP OPTO Electronic Packaging Conference, Bethlehem, PA, October 2002
  15. “Dielectric Materials for High Bandwidth Optical packages and PCBs”  Presented at IMAP Optoelectronics Conference in Bethlehem in PA, September 2002
  16. “Bag house Optimization at a medical waste incinerator” Presented at IT3’01 Conference, Philadelphia, PA, May 2001
  17. “A Novel approach to reducing the release of Dioxin/Furan into the environment” presented at Combustion, Incineration / Pyrolysis and Emission  Conference,  South Korea, June 2000
  18. “Trends in Filtration and pollution Control in Asia” Published in World Cement, February 1998
  19. “Trends in Filtration and pollution Control in Cement Industry in Asia”  presented at Asian Federation of Cement Manufacturer’s Association (AFCM) Conference in Bali, Indonesia, October 1996 and presented at AUCBM Dubai, November 1996
  20. “Optimized Filtration Technology for Cement Plant” Presented at Arab Union Cement and Building Material Conference (AUCBM), Morocco, November 1995
  21. “A Pollution Control Idea Whose Time has Come” Published World Cement, April 1994 and Published in International Cement Review, May 1995
  22. “Elimination of Emission Problems at Cementos Guadalajara”; Presented at AFCM 1995 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, published in World Cement in December 1994 and presented at AFCM in Malaysia, April 1994
  23. “Optimized Filtration Technology for Manufacturing Processes”, Technical Symposium in Shanghai, October 1993 and presented at AFCM Thailand, May 1992
  24. “Result of Side-by-side compartment airflow Monitoring Test for Four Major Test Fabric Filter Bags on a Cement Rotary Kiln Reverse Air Bag House”, Presented Sept. 1992 at Air and waste management association conference in Toronto, Canada.
  25. “Role of Gore-Texâ membrane in Lime Industry “, presented at National Lime Association Conference, TN, October 1991
  26. “GORE-TEX membrane filter bags offer Innovative Solutions to Operational Problems”, Prepared for Rock products Conference, 1989
  27. “Improving Grinding System efficiency at Dixon-Marquette Cement”, Presented at 25th International Cement Seminar, Los Angeles, CA, December 1989
  28. “Bag house Improvement Increase Production” Published in PITT and QUARRY, July 1986
  29. “Mill Optimization Possible with the Help of ePTFE Membrane Filter Bags”, presented at Rock Products Conference, Chicago, IL, December 1986
  30. “Use of GORE-TEX membrane filter bags to improve bag house efficiency”; presented at Technical Committee Meeting, Portland Cement Association, Chicago, IL,  April 1985
  31. “Hercules Cement Improves Clinker Cooler Operation”; presented at Rock Products Conference, December 1984


Courses I have taught include: 

  • Introduction to business
  • Principles of management
  • International business
  • Strategic management (Capstone)
  • Applied strategic management (MBA Capstone)
  • International management (MBA)
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior (MBA)
  • Principles of marketing
  • Buyer behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing management

Additional Information

Having 31 years in Industrial experience with travel to over 60 countries and work/project related experience with over 100, Fortune 500 corporations, I consider myself different in relating my students to more relevant industrial applications and case studies.

I believe, more and more, our challenge for students today is to make them MORE INDUSTRY READY. This I believe, will have major impact on recruitment of our students in the Industries. In addition, we are going to impact their critical thinking skill development as well as making them more knowledgeable in industries which are hiring them.

The most current example, I can think of is my final project where I engaged them in early part of semester and excite them by laying this challenge in front of them. The challenge involved for the team was to identify and connect with a large corporation C- level suite management team member and set up a team interview for 20-30 minutes. Off course seemingly daunting initially, once I take them step by step by teaching them how collecting primary information from CEO/ Management will put them on the list of corporations of their choice. Then teaching them Design Thinking to better understand Empathy based Interviewing techniques. Next, take them through creating their ELEVATOR PITCH and list of relevant question bank, based on some preliminary research. The last most difficult step is connecting with these executives on LINKEDIN or other social media platform / or by traditional means of calling their secretaries. Once Interview is set then the excitement really hits the ceiling. The results of some of these interviews they can’t stop talking about. The learning the student take here is immense. In past students have been granted job offer/internship right after this type interview.

So initially this starts as a project but can end up becoming their major skill set which will keep paying dividend whole their life. My corporate work experience is a real evidence of this technique. For my job I was chartered to connect with presidents of the companies (the ECONOMIC Buyer) to set up meetings to explain the benefits of our products in their plants. (typically involving around $ 1 Million sales)

This project has evolved to be challenging initially but by breaking the project down for them in bite size pieces, this has become a very thrilling and eye-opening experience for many in class as this teaches them a new skill they will use to chase their lifelong dream and find a company of their choice rather than depend on companies which come on to the campus. I am really looking forward to expanding this to higher level in coming years.