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As a College of Business student at DSU, you will benefit from a challenging learning environment that is responsive to your needs and to the needs of the national and international business communities. You will work closely with our experienced and highly-trained professors to ensure you acquire the knowledge and skills that will serve you well in whatever career you choose. 

You will have access to excellent facilities. Most of your classes meet in the new Bank of America Building, a modern facility that houses multimedia classrooms with distance-learning capabilities, seminar rooms, faculty offices, a student lounge, study carrels and state-of-the-art computer facilities. Students also have access to the Delaware Center for Enterprise Development and the Small Business Development Center located in downtown Dover. Hospitality and Tourism Management majors can take advantage of our state-of-the-art kitchen and restaurant facilities in the Bank of America Building.

You will study with students from a variety of backgrounds. Most of your fellow students in the College of Business have come to DSU directly from high schools in Delaware, other parts of the United States, and other parts of the world. However, some of your fellow students will be adults who have returned to school after raising families, completing military careers, or gaining other kinds of work experience. One of the many benefits of attending a university is learning to see things from other peoples’ point of view. The variety of backgrounds you will encounter in the College of Business will help you do just that.

Student Support Programs & Resources

The College of Business fosters a student-centered learning environment that focuses on developing successful business professionals. We care about your success and we work hard to make sure you have the resources you need to be successful. 

COB Mentoring Program

The College of Business Mentoring Program provides opportunities for students to connect with business professionals who can offer one-on-one advisement on career paths, goals and expectations based upon real-world experience and insights.

Clubs & Organizations

We offer a variety of business organizations to give you a more well-rounded experience. Connect with other business-minded students and benefit from experiences outside the classroom.


College of Business majors are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities as early as possible, preferably at the beginning of the sophomore year. Internships provide a unique opportunity for students to bring together real-world corporate experience and business concepts.

COB Centers

Our COB Centers provide assistance outside of the class for students to thrive in various business settings. 

Business Careers

Our career assessment section evaluates whether studying business is right for the student based on his/her interests.