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JET - Junior Entrepreneurs in Training

JET, Junior Entrepreneurs in Training, is an entrepreneurial awareness and skills enhancement program for students enrolled in various Delaware public schools and who are members of local community centers. The JET Program addresses the need to provide youth the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship; to teach youth basic concepts and skills required for entrepreneurship; and to help youth understand the relationship between academic subjects and the practical world of entrepreneurship. The program, which has a two-dimensional focus on entrepreneurial awareness and skills development, is designed to provide exposure, inspire entrepreneurial initiative, plant seeds for the future, affect behavior, and provide opportunities as well as increased career options for students.

Jet studentsThe JET Summer Camp is a 2-week youth entrepreneurship day camp designed to inspire up to 30 middle school youth, primarily from low- to moderate-income households, to consider entrepreneurship as an option. This provides an active learning environment and a positive alternative to unsupervised summer activities. The camp is held on the DSU campus and transportation and meals are provided. The curriculum used is from the Kauffman Foundation and the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) and is taught by a DCED team member or other trained facilitator. 


If you are interested in starting a JET class, please contact Lillie Crawford at 302.857.6954. 

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