Research and Programs

Research Sustainability

As a research center, the following metrics are used to assess the CSIM performance:

  • Contribute to the research publication profile of the Department of Business Administration in the College of Business. As such, provide evidence of research productivity conducive to maintain the qualifications of faculty members as required by the AACSB accreditation body.
  • Generate, promote, and support Delaware State University students’ pursue of advanced degree research studies in management and related disciplines.

Research Themes

The CSIM conducts research categorized into the following themes:

  • Technology Innovation and Valuation
  • New Product Innovation and Development
  • Innovation Management and Organizational Performance
  • Models of Innovation and Internationalization Patterns
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The center carries out professional activities to support the following initiatives:

Research Program

This program emphasizes the generation of knowledge, application, and practice of new advances in the area of innovation management and entrepreneurship.

Industry Liaison Program

Support and assist regional organizations in achieving national and international competitiveness through the design and implementation of innovation initiatives and capabilities. Assist the commercial and industrial regional community in the training of employees and development of new skills and competencies at the managerial level.

Academic Curriculum Design Program

Generate transfer mechanisms to bring the results of the Center’s research program to the development and enrichment of the Department of Business Administration’s curriculum, executive training, and high-level senior management programs.

Cooperative Transferability Program

Collaborate with other research centers from diverse institutions, i.e. universities, firm based research centers, colleges, universities, and technical centers in the State of Delaware and internationally in the creation and transferability of new knowledge and research in the field of innovation management.