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Center Services

The following are the areas in which the center offers services to the academic, industry, and government communities:

Identification of strategic industrial sectors and subsectors that may adopt new technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, and other derivatives.

  1. Determine the domestic and exporting potential markets for intermediate and finished products within specific industrial sectors.
  2. Diagnostics and evaluation of production and manufacturing capabilities.
  3. Potential impact of advanced technologies in the production process. Identify value generators of activation and assimilation.
  4. Evaluation of potential use of materials and raw materials and the use of different technologies for particular production processes and technologies.
  5. Use impact of technologies in:
    • Production and manufacturing evaluation.
    • Operation analysis of robust manufacturing and components assembly.
    • Evaluation of aggregate production variations from period to period.
    • Capacity analysis for production volume and manufacturing processes.
    • Impact de different technologies in the manufacturing output.Design capabilities for products and demand satisfaction.

Analysis and Diagnostic of Market Expansion Capabilities

  1. Analysis of the use of specific technologies by area of application. E.g. Bioanalysis, pharmaceutics, therapy and bio medicine, biosensors, magnetic resonance, engineering of biological textiles, aerospace, information technology, consumer products, etc.
  2. Product analysis at the B2B and B2C markets.
  3. Aggregate value analysis and contribution of different technologies from the following perspectives: economics, markets expansion, technology integration, development of innovation capacities and development of product portfolios.

Analysis and Diagnostic of Innovation Capabilities

  1. Evaluation of capabilities to adopt new and improve technologies and existing methods. Determine which technologies can be adopted.
  2. Identification of technology platforms and determination of resistances to the adoption of technologies.
  3. Technology development and strategic network analysis.
  4. Customer value model and profitability.
  5. Diagnostic of existent and details of new product development models and processes and analysis of adaptation capabilities.
  6. Analysis of capabilities to develop commercial prototypes.

Market Estimation for Intermediate and Finished Products.

  1. Estimation of potential markets for existing and new products offered by manufacturing firms (continuous innovation and penetration).
  2. Estimation of potential markets for existing products with differential advantages. (market-extension).
  3. Market potential for innovative products (radical and incremental innovation).
  4. Market potential for radically new concepts and application of Kano and VoC methodologies.