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Center for the Study of Innovation Management

CSIM team in action


The Center for the Study of Innovation Management, CSIM is housed in the Department of Business Administration, College of Business at Delaware State University as a research unit focused on the study of innovation management in organizations. Innovation management is defined as the activities, processes, routines, systems that foster knowledge creation, transformation, dissemination, and sharing as it moves organization towards change and adaptation in their pursuit of value creation and competitiveness. Entrepreneurship is intrinsic to this concept of innovation. The CSIM has a multi-disciplinary orientation in its programs and activities and will embrace academic research from colleagues with expertise in psychology, sociology, human behavior, cognitive science, organizational behavior, management, marketing, information systems, economics, accounting, finance, and other disciplines applicable to the study of innovation management.


The Center for the Study of Innovation Management is committed to:

  • Academic excellence and the highest standards of quality research.
  • Professional integrity and upmost sense of honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior.
  • World-class efficiency and productivity in its research and programming activities.
  • Enhancement, nurturing, and development of the human capital associated with the center to its fullest.


  1. Generate, promote, and disseminate research projects and news advances in the intersection of innovation, technology, product development, entrepreneurship, and knowledge management.
  2. Build relationships and act as liaison with local, regional, national industries and international organizations to assist these in their efforts to incorporate center’s study findings and promote applied innovation in their markets.
  3. Work in partnership with other international research centers in joint research programs in innovation management, faculty research collaboration and exchange, international consortium research projects, and other activities consistent with the mission of the center.
  4. Assist and collaborate primarily with the local government and official units in the State of Delaware in the creation, design, promotion, and support of efforts to increase the innovation output and capabilities of critical small and large enterprises within a diverse manufacture, commercial, and service industries in the region.
  5. Provide advice as to incorporate new developments and content into the curriculum structure mainly of the academic programs in the Department of Business Administration and College of Business, and secondly in other research programs at Delaware State University.
  6. Promote and economically support interested faculty and students’ involvement to pursue new academic initiatives and new learning in the area of innovation management in the Department of Business Administration, College of Business, and Delaware State University.