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Moving Local Small Businesses Online

Moving Local Small Businesses Online in Response to Corona Virus Pandemic

Center for IT Services (CITS) in collaboration with Delaware Center for Enterprise Development (DECD) and University Center for Economic Development and International Trade (UCED&IT) in College of Business at Delaware State University provides services to move local small businesses online

The Corona Virus pandemic has hugely impacted on the economy, especially on the local small businesses whose operations were offline without a significant online presence.

The Center for IT Services (CITS) in the College of Business at Delaware State University is offering a no-cost technology consulting service to local small businesses intending to establish or increase their online presence. Each project will be completed by students under the guidance of a faculty member or professional mentor. The focus is on quickly solving one technology problem or providing one new online or digital capability in a short time.

The services include but are not limited to:

  • Consultations to digitize existing operations or sales.
  • Create or modify a website
  • Create or modify a digital storefront
  • Training employees to enable remote operations

We aim to help existing businesses remotely with a variety of digital tools and resources available on the web. The onsite hardware or software installation and configuration is currently not available. Service requests will be quickly screened by CITS and those selected will be quickly passed to an available student team. The screening focus will be on the ability to address the requested project in a short time frame (e.g., 2 weeks) and the criticality of the need to the business. Some projects may be too big or may not fit the skill sets of the students we have available. 

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