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Employment while attending college provides a unique opportunity for students to bring together corporate experience and business concepts. As students strive to prepare to meet the dynamic challenges of the business world, they must also incorporate the more practical processes and skills necessary as a foundation for long-term success.

Internships and Cooperative Education Programs not only provide exposure to the workplace while attending college, they can also improve the participants’ chances for permanent employment. Moreover, students develop a work ethic, a sense of accomplishment, and increased self-confidence as a result of the experience.

College of Business majors are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities as early as possible, preferably at the beginning of the sophomore year. The Advisement Center and the Department Chairpersons assist students in their internship search strategies. Three to six credit hours are applied to the student’s curriculum depending on the type and length of the position.


The COB Advisement Center assists students in their internship search strategies. Once a student obtains an internship, the student must register for the internship class for that semester that he/she is planning to participate in the internship program.

Students in search of internships may seek assistance from the COB Advisement Center (COBAC). COBAC maintains a log of various internship programs and opportunities offered by an array of businesses. Moreover, internship information from the University’s Office of Career Services is filtered through the Advisement Center. The Director guides students through the process of obtaining an internship search, selection, application, interviewing, and assignment.

Once a selection has been made, the student must register for the internship as they would for a class, in either COBAC or their Department Chairperson’s Office so that the student may receive credit toward the completion of their degree requirements.

In addition, the student should complete an application and submit it accompanied by a resume to COBAC.



  • An opportunity to introduce our majors to corporate culture and begin to cultivate professional “habits of mind” early in their matriculation.

Internship Providers:

  • An opportunity to participate in the development of potential employees.
  • An opportunity to “give back”; community service.
  • Positive advertisement



  • At least a 2.75 GPA (unless otherwise approved by the Department Chairperson)
  • Posses U.S. residency or citizenship
  • Sophomore-Senior classification (unless otherwise approved by the Department Chairperson)
  • Meet the qualifications of the employer

Internship Provider:

  • Provide a clearly defined job title and description of tasks.
  • Number of hours and days intern will work per week
  • Rate of compensation
  • Location of internship
  • Time period of internship
  • Name of intern’s supervisor
  • Employment benefits intern is eligible for, if any


The internship may be terminated at any time for any of the following reasons:


  • Written letter of resignation
  • Failure to maintain academic standards
  • Medical disability

Internship Provider:

  • Administrative reasons (e.g., budget constraints, misconduct)
  • Unsatisfactory performance

Note: If a student leaves a job without prior approval of the COB and the employer, he/she will receive a failing grade for the internship and be dropped from the program. If a student is dismissed by an employer and the Internship Coordinator and Department Chairperson agree that there was due cause for dismissal, the student will receive a failing grade for the internship and will be dropped from the program.

If the student experiences serious difficulties with an internship position, he/she should discuss this with the employer as soon as possible. Poor performance by students may jeopardize other participants in the program by losing valuable job placements for the program. The student must abide by all guidelines outlined in the College of Business Internship Program.