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A mind for business

Thriving in the business world requires a certain mindset. DSU business students think strategically different for their future success.

Business Administration

Our mission is to provide a student-centered learning environment to develop successful business professionals in business analytics,  human resource management, management information systems/enterprise resource planning, marketing, and management with a global perspective. We emphasize the development of technical competencies through academic excellence, innovation, integrity in teaching, professional development, applied and instructional research, preparation for advanced studies, and outreach.

Students in the Department of Business Administration have many opportunities to be involved in the department, college, and university through our various student organizations, including Delaware State University’s Student Government Association, College of Business Student Advisory Council (SAC), the International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma (Honor Society), Beta Sigma Delta (Honor Society), American Marketing Association (AMA), National Society of Minority in Hospitality (NSMH), and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The Department of Business Administration provides a student-centered learning environment to develop successful business professionals with a global perspective. The department offers a management major and multiple concentrations in business analytics, human resource management, management information systems/enterprise resource planning, marketing, and management. The department also offers various minors to management majors and students outside of College of Business.

The university offers a variety of scholarships to help students fund their education and prepare for the next step in their careers.

DaeRyong David Kim, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Business Administration
Professor, Management (IS)
College of Business
Delaware State University
1200 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901


Center for the Study of Innovation Management

The Center for the Study of Innovation Management (CSIM) is a research unit focused on the study of innovation management (systems that foster knowledge creation, transformation, dissemination and sharing as it moves an organization toward change and adaptation) in organizations. The CSIM is multidisciplinary in its programs and activities and embraces academic research from experts in psychology, sociology, human behavior, cognitive science, organizational behavior, management, marketing, information systems, economics, accounting, finance and other disciplines applicable to the study of innovation management.

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Center for IT Services

The Center’s mission is to provide professional IT services to government agencies, nonprofits and small business enterprises in and around Delaware through active student involvement and learning and applied research. Among the purposes of the center are to: (a) Offer professional IT services to nonprofits, government agencies, and business organizations located in and around Delaware at affordable cost, (b) Maintain relationships with government agencies and industry in and around Delaware, and (c) Provide real-life experience to students in the area of IT services and project management.

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Delaware Center for Transportation

The Delaware Center for Transportation Management aims to be a premier resource in the State of Delaware for teaching, training and research in transportation management. The Center is housed in the DSU College of Business and supported by project-based staff. The Center works closely and collaboratively with the Delaware Department of Transportation (DELDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and business and industry in Delaware.

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Our faculty members are committed to providing you with the technical knowledge that will prepare you to be successful in your chosen field. Our small class sizes boost student-faculty interactions and provide more hands-on experiences.

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Our  professional development workshops, active student organizations, internships and opportunities to attend professional conferences better prepare students to successfully enter into the workforce.

Business Organizations

Joining a business organization will create lifelong connections that can positively impact your future. Membership in these organizations will allow you to network with fellow students and learn valuable leadership skills, thereby offering you a well-rounded experience desired by employers in the field.

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DEEP (Delaware Executive Exchange Program) Day is an annual, all day event held in February by the College of Business, providing opportunity for professional development and allowing students to network with top-level executives.

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Our goal is for every student to have at least one internship during their time in the College of Business. Internships offer experience students can’t truly acquire in the classroom.

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Mentoring Program

The College of Business Mentoring Program provides opportunities for students to connect with business professionals who can offer one-on-one advisement on career paths, goals and expectations based upon real-world experiences and insights.

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Explore if Business is For You

This career assessment section evaluates whether studying business is right for the student based on his/her interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review FAQs on classes, courses, credit hours, advising and a few other common topics.

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