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We train tomorrow’s pilots today!

The Aviation Program provides students with quality education and experience in preparation for careers in the aviation industry.

Bachelor’s Degree

Aviation, BS

  • Aviation Management
  • Professional Pilot


Delaware State University’s Aviation Program provides students with quality education and experience in preparation for careers in the aviation industry. Curricula in the program lead to a Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in Aviation Management or Professional Pilot. With competitive overall flight lab fees, its own fleet of twenty-six aircraft, and an experienced and dedicated instructor staff, Delaware State University (DSU) is simply the best Flight Education opportunity on the East Coast of the United States.

At the Department, in Aviation area we offer:

The college offers a variety of scholarships to help students fund their education and prepare for the next step in their careers.

The faculty of the Aviation Program subscribe to the philosophy and the mission of DSU and the College of Business. Our mission is for the DSU Aviation Program to establish the highest quality of aviation-education and related training, to develop highly successful aviation professionals with a global perspective. We will do this through a student-centered learning environment, emphasizing academic excellence through innovation and integrity in teaching, professional development, applied and instructional research and outreach.

Our Aviation Management graduates will be qualified for advanced training to fill the future vacancies in Air Traffic Control, Federal Aviation Administration, both regional and major airline companies, corporate aviation and all levels of airport administration career fields.

Our Professional Pilot graduates will complete their FAA requirements for the Private Pilot License, Instrument rating, Commercial License, Multi-Engine and Certified Flight Instructor ratings while earning a bachelor’s degree. Graduates of our FAA Approved Part 141 Aviation program get hired into a Professional Pilot job leading to a career in aviation. The DSU flight training program opens the door to commercial and/or military aviation careers for those with the ability and tenacity to meet the rigorous academic and physical skills demanded of them.

The pillars of the Aviation Program are Dedication, Safety, Unity, Attitude, and Professionalism. Flight lab fees are in addition to tuition. Charges incurred for FAA flight physicals, knowledge exams, and certification flight tests with FAA flight examiners are the responsibility of the student. Our program is approved by the State of Delaware Education Department and the Veteran’s Administration for Veterans flight training. Make your mark on the world, and in the air with DSU Aviation! 

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