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Professional Development

Visiting Management Professionals Forum

The Visiting Management Professionals Forum is a valuable resource to the students of the College of Business for the following reasons:

  • Professionals from the business community will share information regarding the companies they represent and the industries they are involved in.
  • You will have the unique opportunity to network with the representatives from prestigious and successful organizations.
  • Our guests will offer you words of wisdom and encouragement to assist you as you strive for excellence in your developmental process.

Primary Objectives

  • Inform students of current business trends, techniques, and opportunities;
  • Provide positive role models;
  • Motivate students to pursue vigorously the precepts of excellence and achievement;
  • Leadership development.


Appropriate business attire is mandatory to attend the forums and is suggested attire when attending other professional development activities on campus. The ultimate professional attire for both males and females is a suit. We understand that everyone may not possess a suit. However, it would behoove you, as managers and executives of the future, to begin forming a professional wardrobe. Professional attire will be an essential part of your professional persona.

The following attire is permissible for attending the forum and other professional development activities on campus:

Young Ladies:

  • Suits - dark blue, black or gray in color;
  • Jacket/blazer with trousers or an at least knee length skirt, and white shirt or white blouse; and hosiery or socks;
  • Dress shoes; no open toe sandals will be permitted.

Young Men:

  • Suits - dark blue, black or gray in color;
  • Jacket/blazer with dress trousers and white dress shirt with conservative colored tie and socks;
  • Dress shoes.



DEEP(Delaware Executive Exchange Program) Day was developed to provide our students in the College of Business with an opportunity for professional development, while engaging with top-level executives.  DEEP Day is an annual, all day event held in February in the College of Business.

Dean’s Distinguished Leadership Series

The Dean’s Distinguished Leadership Series was created to take the Visiting Management Professionals Forum to the next level. In these Leadership Series talks, C-suite level professionals (CEO, CFO, CIO etc.) are invited to share their experiences with our students to show them what doors an education will open for them. Created by Dean Donna Covington, an ex-VP for Lexmark, she uses her industry background and relationships to bring the most impactful speakers to our students.

Student Organization Membership

Membership in student organizations is promoted as a way for students to network and interact with other like-minded students as well as take on leadership roles which will provide them with another level of experience employers look for in a well-qualified applicant.  Check out the student organizations here.


Students are strongly encouraged to participate in internship and cooperative education opportunities during their matriculation at DSU. Students may choose to participate in an internship program for academic credits or compensation. It is our goal for every student to have at least one internship experience during their time in the College of Business.  


Along with the other forms of professional development, students are encouraged to engage in volunteer opportunities to be exposed to other forms of service and leadership as well as develop a sense of community involvement all while building their resume. Many of the top companies today look for a well-rounded, civically minded applicant when they are looking to hire.