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Advisement Center

Welcome to the College of Business Advisement Center!

We are very excited that you are interested in pursuing a degree program in business, and your success is very important to us. Academic advisement is an important partnership between the student and the advisor. Please make certain to remain in close contact with your academic advisor about your progress, and know that we will work tirelessly on your behalf.

We look forward to working with you and invite you to visit our center in Suite 108 of the Bank of America Building. Feel free to contact us at cobac [at] desu.edu or 302.857.6971. 


The mission of the College of  Advisement Center is to provide developmental advisement to students pursuing a degree in Business from their sophomore year through graduation. Our professional advisors offer services based on current curriculum requirements and students’ individual needs to assist them with aligning their academic, professional, and personal goals as they transition to graduate school and the world of work.


  • Provide best practices in assisting students with informational resources to explore education and career options through mandatory academic advisement processes.
  • Assist students with identifying personal interests and establishing a correlation between academic and career goals.
  • Our academic advisement model exposes students to a more personal connection with their assigned advisor, thus making a valuable contribution of developing a mentor/mentee relationship.
  • The Advisement Center is committed to university retention efforts by considering the sensitive nature of students’ personal needs and concerns.
  • We provide students with assessment and feedback to keep them well informed of their academic progress. Our goal is to prepare students for a seamless transition into graduate programs and careers.

Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Every freshman will have an Individual Development Plan that will set the stage for each student’s path to success. The IDP will focus on academic goals and support, as well as co-curricular pathway through which students will develop highly valuable soft skills and leadership skills that employers seek. To increase business acumen, students will be exposed to industry professionals via mentorships, guest speakers, workshops, internships, conferences, field trips and business case competitions. The IDP will be refined every semester until graduation to ensure students are meeting their goals.

Advisement Assignments

To promote effective advisement, each student is assigned an advisor upon their declaration of a major in the College of Business. Each advisor establishes a caring and working relationship with students while helping them clarify goals. The Director of the Advisement Center and the Career & Academic Advisors monitor academic progress.

Freshmen are assigned to a designated College of Business advisor in University College 

  • Dr. Cindy Seto-Friel
  • Ms. Diane Bogle

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are assigned to the professional advisors according to their Major and Concentration.

  • Sport Management:  Mrs. Janet McCrea
  • Hospitality &Tourism Management: Mrs. Tamekca Faria-Frisby
  • Accounting, Economics and Finance: Mrs. Jewel Hopkins
  • Aviation: Mr. Brian Passerell
  • Management: Divided amongst all advisors

Juniors and Seniors are assigned to faculty members in their area of study as professional mentors.